Bridal Makeup

Wedding is the day when every girl want to look stunning. For that she prepare herself from a month or more than that.
Others concentrate overall look and makeup of bride but the bride and her beautician should think about detailing.

Eye Makeup :

bridal makeupWe all know that eyes are the most beautiful feature of face and it describes the bride’s heart feeling. We should be perfect on bridal eye Makeup so that everybody in the ceremony should read her eyes.
Step 1 – Apply primer.
Step 2- On our Eyelid area, apply some Eye Shadow of golden mettalic bronze using flat Eye Shadow brush.
Step 3 – Now apply copper bronze Eye Shadow on 1/4th of eye lids and mix the two shades of Eye Shadows with proper care.
Step 4 – Now apply some shinning brown on crease of eyes.
Step 5 – Now apply some matte brown Eye Shadow on corner of crease and over the shining brown shade.
Step 6 – Now here all three colours will come out and highlight. Now apply copper Eye Shadow on 1/4th space of inner portion of lower lashing for gloden metalic shade.
Step 7- Apply Eye liner on upper lash line of eyes and apply Kajal pencil on lower portion of eyes and apply eye liner on them and make it more thicker. And sharp its point on corner.

Face Makeup:

makeup ideas1. Apply some primer that would be any regular face cream you are using in day to day life.
2. Spread liquid foundation or foundation stick which help to glow your face.
3. Use face compact powder on your face. Now your face is looking more fair.
4. Now use large fluffy brush for blushing your cheeks. Apply suitable blush colour on apple of your cheeks in diagonally upward direction. Glittering in colour is useful to shine your face.

Lip makeup :

wedding makeup1. Apply lip balm or lip care gel on lip.
2. Now apply lip liner around the lip border.
3. Apply Lipstic of suitable colour or matching to your outfit using lip brush.
4. Take a tissue and place it over lips for resting your Lipstic there and then spread powder on that, that keep your Lipstic for long time.
5. Now again apply another layer of Lipstic. If you want glossy look for your lip then apply some Lipgloss. That will use to shine your lips.


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