Jewelry – Treasures for Woman

Women are the really romantic creature and “Jewelry” its the treasures for women.
Liking of jewelry for women varies according to individuals. Some women like jewelry because they feel special when they wear it, some feels that Jewelry bear their social status, some like to wear divers kind of design suitable with different costumes and some wear it just to praise its beauty though choice of metal can be anything like gold, platinum, diamonds etc.
Basically jewelry is the supplementary decorative item which women worn it for personal ornamentation. If we receive a piece of jewelry that we really likes as a gift then that will be bonus point. Isn’t it?

There are diverse kinds of jewelry available in the market but the one which attract and affordable to most of the women is gold jewelry. Exceptional designs and types are available in gold jewelry, some of them are

Gold Chains – All age women attracts the numerous variety of gold chain with beautiful pendant style.

Necklace – This type is easily observable by others at very first glance while you wearing premier jewelry piece on neckline.

Rings – Unique design of accessory to beautify your hand.

Armband(Bajuband) – Beautiful armband gives you simple and sobar look.

Nose Rings – Pure maharashtrian getup can not complete without nathani(nose ring).

Nashikkar are more advanced in jewelries as they have exceptionally huge variety of supreme jewelers. Each of them provides unusual, uncommon designs of jewelries. Nashik jewelers keep themselves ahead to complete their responsibility for satisfying customers by providing extraordinary designs which are useful for personal adornment.

‘Costume jewelry is not made to give women an aura of wealth, but to make them beautiful’.

Party Fashion

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.”

Selection of correct outfit for right function/occasion is very important in fashion trends. Your first impression set by your outfit or costume. So you should never make any mistakes regarding costume. Whenever we get ready for party, we need to take care of our weak areas. We have to cover our weak area. Your size doesn’t matter with selection of your dress but while selecting your dress colours??? Here size matters.

If you are fat then go for dark colours and if you are thin enough then must prefer light colours. Dark colour will help you to look taller and contrasting colour will help you to look thinner.

If you feel you are too thin then you can wear jacket or west coats over shirt. But remember “Your comfort is very important while dressing up yourself.”

If you are not comfortable in your attire then it will spoil your party mood and your party get ruined.
“The dress must not hang on the body but follow its lines. It must accompany its wearer and when you smiles, the dress must smile with you.”

Now what accessories will match with our attire?
With clothing, accessories are also having equal importance like you should have clean nails, well set hair or beautiful hair style which suits you, and of course Fragrance. According to your dressing style, dozens of bangles and heavy necklace, ear rings will enhance your look or sometimes simple bracelets also boost your style and your look.

“Fashion is not about buying second skin. Fashion is about having a fantasy.”

Clever and interesting hair stuff

This is impressive and effortless hairstyle. You will see the simple steps to create this stunning hair bun, trendy look that can get you ready for any party. 🙂

  • step1
    Comb your hair neatly and make it straight.

  • step2
    Make three partition of your hair..(both side corner should be smaller to middle partition).

  • step3
    Make ponytail to large partition of your hair.

  • step4
    Tie another rubber band at the end of ponytail.

  • step5
    Turn small portion of hair which is remain at end in inward and tie it with with.
  • step6
    Turn your ponytail in inward direction to make a hair bun.
  • step7
    Fix its end properly using black hair pins.
  • step8
    Now make a braid of remaining side partition of your hair.
  • step9
    Turn your braid onto your bun and fix it with hair pins.
  • step10
    Do it similarly with another partition of hair.
  • step11
    Here your simple and impressive hairstyle is ready.
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