What’s your outfit ideas for party???

You read invitation of the most awaited events which are on the top of your party list like Christmas party or year-end party and you start thinking by sitting in front of your wardrobe and scratching your head… “Kya pehnu yaar?” First thing we should think about party venue, party theme and party time of-course while selecting party attire.

We read so many tips on what to wear? How to wear??? Still people face dilemma while selecting what to wear on particular occasion or New Year’s Eve. Some less formal attire are best for evening but it is not how informal you are supposed to look.

Actually picking out the killer evening look is not at all easy job. There are ongoing trends like sequins, feathers and metallic but to stand out from crowd your attire must be creative. High boots with slit skirts, turtleneck with miniskirts, accessorize strapless top with shoulder duster earrings, dress with printed
tights are some of the best outfits for parties.

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The Wrong outfit will quickly make you the subject of unwanted shares and gossips.
‘You just really don’t want to be remembered as the person who dressed too sexy or flashy”.
Here are some suggestions which prevent you to wear wrong outfit.

Too revealing clothes


Deep neck should be avoided

Uncomfortable shoe pair


Too much makeup