Men winter fashion

“Fashion is just an accessory for someone with great style”. Season cannot be a hurdle, stylish person can enjoy their fashion in anyways. Winter is a healthy season for health, fashion and everything. Many people love this season just for enjoying winter accessories. Now days there are so many different styling available which makes you more striking amongst the crowd such as jacket, winter caps, scarves – stoles and many more.

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If you draped simple clothing around you but the only stole or scarves can give you total different and stylish look. A dual advantage of wearing stole in winter is it can protect you from this heavy winter and gives you most stunning look.

Naturally if you are wearing it in winter season, then using thin material stole is just foolishness. Isn’t it? When it comes to thick material stole, remember its use must be often and wash must be rare. In winter you can preferably wear same couple of coat many times but attractive stole can differentiate your look from previous.

There are some best ways to wear your stole around your neck :

The Ascot Knot


The European Loop


The Fake Knot


The Twice Around


The Twice Around Ascot


The Wrap Around


Stole fashion is a trendy idea for your daily clothing. This provides modish look to your daily dull outfit. Bold prints and stripes stole can be useful occasionally. You can believe with traditional outfit like sherwani, kurta-pajama also looks best just by wearing stole over it. It is attractive combination of indo-western look. Basically everything is just to look classy and fabulous.
Everyday is a fashion show & the world is your runway.

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