Party etiquettes for guest

“Party hard, make mistakes, laugh endlessly. Do things you’re afraid to do.”
Party, we are either host or guest. As a guest good manners includes how to start a proper and enjoyable conversation with others. Understanding some etiquette for guests always helps to socialize better at any parties or get together.

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1. Punctuality :
For some events like dinner, parties guests should arrive within time (within time specified on invitation card).

2. Avoid early reach :
As hosts always continue their preparation till the last minute of party time. We are likely to become hurdle than a kind help by reaching early.

3. Uninvited :
You are going to some party and carrying uninvited guests with you is considered extremely rude behavior. It should be avoided so it will help hosts to get accurate guests count and ultimately party can not get spoiled.

4. Greeting hosts :
Saying “Hello” to hosts within 10-15 minutes of your arrival is quite important. Along with that greeting other invited guests shows your enthusiastic presence.

5. Gifts :
Gift represents your appreciation for kind invitation of party. Gift must be depend on your party fashion. If your party is quite lavish then your gift must be that much expensive and nice. Always remember to attach a note on your gift that indicate your name.

6. Light conversation :
Party conversation must be light weight, energetic. It should not be serious discussion topics like marriage, politics etc. Light weight conversation can help to keep your party environment healthy and enjoyable.

7. Proper thanks to hosts :
Before leaving always thanks to hosts for throwing a great party. Give plenty appreciation for inviting such wonderful party..

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