1. 1/4 cup- medium Grained Rice
2. 4 cups- Whole Milk (go for low fat only if absolutely necessary)
3. 3 Tablespoon (1/4- 1/2 cup should be enough)- Sugar to taste
4. Pinch of Saffron
5. 1/4 Teaspoon Cardamom Powder
6. 1-2 Tablespoon Nuts- (almonds, pistachios and cashews)
7. 5 Raisins (or more if you like it)
8. 1 Teaspoon Ghee (preferred more than butter)

Procedure of Kheer

1. In a cooking pan heat the Ghee. Mix chopped nuts to it with raisins. Set aside until raisins get plump and nuts turn reddish brown.
2. In the same pan, roast the rice for 2-3 minutes on low heat until it turns a reddish brown.
3. Add a milk, increase the heat to medium high flame and let it come to a boil . Gives a occasional stir hence the milk does not burns to the bottom, because a little burn spoils the milk. Then add sugar and stir.
4. Reduced the flame to medium and cook until the milk has reduced to half, also check the rice until the rice becomes soft (not mushy). Keep stirring often. This process takes mostly 25 minutes.
5. Add other remaining ingredients-saffron, cardamom and half of the roasted nuts. Give a stir after mixing all rest of ingredients.
Kheer is ready. Serve garnished with the nuts as you want hot or cold.