Healthy hairs on summer

7 May , 2018  

Protect your hair in summer from heavy UV rays by following some easy hair care tips.


Bold lips with beautiful lip makeup

28 Apr , 2018   Gallery

Make perfect consistent, bold lips and decorate them with long-lasting lipstick...


रंग काढण्याचे घरगुती उपाय

5 Mar , 2018  

घरगुती रंग काढण्याचे सुपेरर उपाय. त्वचेला इजा न पोहचवता हळुवार पणे रंग काढता येतो ते हि घरगुती मिश्रणाने

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Is there any beauty tips for men???

1 Feb , 2018  

This time to speak about men's beauty care tips which includes home remedies for nourishing perfect skin type also homemade shaving tips..


Find perfect nude lipstick shade to your skin

31 Jan , 2018  

Nude shades looks best when they are one shade lighter or one shade darker than your complexion. Visit NashikFame to know how to choose nude lipstick shades


Hair growth tonic

30 Jan , 2018  

Get best tips for hair growth. Know about different tonics which are helpful to increase your hair. Visit Nashikfame for more details.

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Special hairdos on this Valentine’s Day

27 Jan , 2018   Gallery

Try out special hair style for long hair that is Mermaid Heart Braid. And simple hair style for short hair.


Dont smudge it! Make perfectly soften and bold eyes

7 Mar , 2017  

Black weird eyes completely ruined your party mood. 4 instant and easy tips to prevent Kajal from smudging.


Make matte nail polish at home

14 Dec , 2016  

matte grey nails
There is best way to make nail polish matte is by with some kind of powder like cornstarch. Get different ideas to know how to make matte nail polish, DIY matte nail polish, matte black nails, white matte nails


5 Secrets to darken your Heena on hands

4 Nov , 2016  

henna designs
A common worry of every Indian girl is how to get a dark henna stain on hands & Feet? Here are 5 tips to darken mehendi color on hand & feet.


Make lip balm at Home

3 Nov , 2016  

How to make lip balm at home
If you use lip balm make it at your home in just 8 steps. Easy way to save money. Natural Lip balm + recipe to make at home.


Home remedies to get rid from tanned skin

28 Feb , 2016  

Get best tips for skin care and home remedies for tanned skin. 4 useful tips to increase complexion of your skin at home. Visit Nashik Fame for more beauty tips.


Nail art – Try out your creative ideas

22 Jan , 2016  

Prettify your nails by experimenting different nail art on it. Nail art makes your nail’s look trendy. Try out creative ideas.


Remove hair dandruff instantly

19 Jan , 2016  

Dandruff- white flake sudden appeared on hairs which is most annoying condition. Visit NashikFame for quick and simple methods to get rid off dandruff at home.

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6 Jan , 2016  

Now a days everyone is so much concious about their skin, everyone want to look gorgeous.


Remove pimples instantly

24 Nov , 2015  

Do you want to know how to remove pimples fast? Here are 4 home remedies which will destroy your pimples faster.


Kaya Skin Clinic

17 Nov , 2015  

Do you want healthy and nourished skin? Kaya skin clinic can beautify your skin without any harm.


Manicure at home

5 Nov , 2015  

7 easy steps to do perfect manicure at home. It is essential to take proper care of your hands with perfect guidance.