5 Secrets to darken your Heena on hands

4 Nov , 2016  

Mehendi is a Part of all Indian traditional auspicious occasions. Wedding is the biggest dream of everyone’s life and on that special day our Mehendi plays important role. According to Indian tradition bride apply Mehendi on hand for her groom’s long life.

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Many girls can easily draw beautiful designs but unfortunately it can not leave its orange color. A perfect mehendi should give you dark brown color. Lets see some easy ways to darken mehendi color on hand..


Choose mehendi cone

henna designs for hands Invest in good quality cone. Basically if mehendi is pure, it will surely work. Hydrabadi mehendi is world famous for its long last and dark color. If you want you can grab those green natural cones from hydrabad.


Clean and dry hands

02-clean-and-dry-mehendi Before applying mehendi on hand make sure you should not apply any kind of lotion on your body. If you do have then wash your hands with soap and make it clean and dry.


Lemon water

03-lemen-water For darken color it is necessity to stick your mehendi on hand for long time. Make a lemon water and sugar mixture and apply it gently on hand using cotton while your mehendi is drying off. Sugar keeps your mehendi sticking on the hand and lemon helps to darken the color.


Cloves for darken your heena

04-Cloves-for-darken-your-heena Heat some cloves on pan. Put your hands on top, let your mehendi soak the clove steam. This is one of the effective way to darken Heena.(make sure your hand should not burn from the heat)


Avoid the water

05-avoid-the-waterMehendi stains fade easily if we apply water on hand. When Heena dries off, do not use water to remove it. Instead use spoon or knife to scrap it off.

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