Cosmetic – go ahead and have it!

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Cosmetic is the science of a woman’s cosmos!

When we perceive Cosmetic word, we presume that its a aesthetic for our body like lipsticks, eye liner, mascaras etc.
Yes its exactly true but apart from this, cosmetic accommodate some products which are necessary for your daily body care.
Basically its a medium used to amplify odor or impression of our body. Regular use of these face care product can glow and nourish your skin very effectively. Lets see some of them:

1. Face wash :
Face wash are essential for face glow, consistency improvement, shine, oil balancing(if necessary) of your skin.

2. Face cleanser:
Cleanser is facial care product which actually used for removing make-up, dead skin, dirt or oil from your skin. Before using cleanser you need to wash your face with water then tap that water using cotton or soft cloth then apply cleanser gently on your face in rounded fashion in upward stroke.

3. Moisturizer:
Use Moisturizer before doing face makeup. Its like primer which help to cure your skin from direct contact of heavy makeup products. Small amount of moisturizer is enough to hydrate your skin.

4. Toner :
Toner use to clean any leftover cleanser from your skin. Only use that toner which suits your skin. Use toner with cotton on circular fashion in upward direction.

5. Face Pack:
Face pack used to change your tanned or dull skin to glowing flawless skin. Face pack nourish your skin. Apply face pack on your skin and keep it for sometime then wash your face with cold water.

These products are vital for your daily skin care. That will make your skin clean, hydrated, healthy and of course glowing.

Nashik is growing vastly in cosmetic section.There are many fine cosmetic manufacturing companies in Nashik who manufacture supreme quality products from past many years.

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Some of them :

Someone Said :

  • With makeup or without makeup. The person inside is remain same. It enhances persons beauty not their character.