Hair Style – Hair Hack Twisted Ponytail

Interesting tutorial of simple hair twisted ponytail.


Comb your hair properly and split it into two partition.


Tie ponytail of hair partition which contain more than half section of your hairs.


Twist remaining portion of your hair in inward direction.


Keep twisting hair till end of that section.

(Click on image to know more)


Cover hair rubber band with this twisted section.


Keep covering rubber band with at-least 2 rounds.


Set this using black hair pins. Your simple Hair Twisted Ponytail is ready.

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Simple tip for dry hair:
Take some buttermilk/yogurt in one small bowl, add one small bowl honey and olive oil into it. Mix it well. Massage your scalp gently with this mixture. Keep it for 1- 2 hours and rinse it off with water. Continue this process. Your hair will be more soft and shining.

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