Is there any beauty tips for men???


Many men hesitate to ask this question but it’s clear that beauty or skincare are not control under women only. Natural skin care are much much better choice than applying harshproducts or oral medication.
Everybody want quick result. Basically, use such products which shows instant effect so that everyone can follow to maintain healthy skin.. Isnt it?
Here are few homemade tips which every men must use


Shaving tips for men

Shaving cream solution – Shea butter, Olive oil, and coconut oil gives best homemade shaving cream solution.
Razor burn – Honey is the best solution to directly apply on affected area.
After shave – Shea butter can be used as after shave which nourishes your skin.



Skin care tips for men

Dry skin – Excess dryness is nothing but sensitive skin. Right time to moisturize your skin is just after bath apply moisturizer. Foremost moisturizer for men and women is Aloe Vera.

Oily skin– Tomato slice can easily counter oily skin. Rub half cut tomato slice directly on skin. Leave juice on face till 15 min and wash.

Even tone skin– Gaining even tone skin is quite difficult and maintain skin tone is tough again.

  • Lemon and yogurt mask is beneficial which can deal with stubborn awkward acne marks.
  • Apple vinegar help to get rid of excess oil secretion without getting dry and flaky skin.
    Apart from these simple and effective tips healthy diet and plenty of water is perfect combination for healthy skin.
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