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“Beauty, to me is about being comfortable in your own skin.”

When we want to go for wedding or party we used to go to parlor or call beautician at home.
But how about if we will be only our beautician and according to our choice we can Beautify our self?

lets see some tips which can help you beautify yourself:

Begin your Makeup with your skincare and apply primer first. According to your skin type use proper moisturizer which suits your skin. Apply this minimum 15 minutes before applying foundation.

Apply foundation gently on your skin. Foundation will help to maintain your Makeup throughout the day.

Time for eye Makeup-

  • Use black Eye Liner and move this on inner and outer corners of your top and bottom lash lines.
  • Now use black Eye Shadow. Gently apply on you eyes and blend with hash lines using blending brush.
  • Apply grey Eye Shadows on just above the crease in upward and outwards direction by using our blending brush.
  • Again take black Eye Shadows and apply it on bottom lash line of your eyes.
  • Finally add 2 coats of Black Mascara. And your eyes will look stunning.

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For doing Eye Makeup, you can use another shades also which match your dress code. But be sure if you are using 2 colors then that should be prefect match for each other.

Just apply blush in upward movement on apple of your cheeks. That will glow your skin naturally. For blending the brush on your cheeks properly make sure your brush should be big fluffy.

Before starting your Lip Makeup, you must apply Lip Balm first. Which help to keep your lip moist and your Lip Liner or Lipstick will glide on easily. Now using tissue paper, remove your lip balm slowly and using Lip Pencil , line your lip carefully.

Apply base coat of your Lipstick. Take tissue and place on your lips and remove the smudge. After this apply some powder on your Lipstick using brush. This will help you to keep your Lipstick as it is for long time. Then apply another coat of Lipstick and again slowly press tissue over it. Now you can eat or drink anything you want, your Lipstick will not be disturbed.
(tip: make sure choose appropriate Lipstick shade which suits your face)

Now last but not the least Your Million Dollar Smile. Your smiling face with this Makeup will make “Icing on the cake”. Walk with the confidently and attract people with your fabulous Makeup.

You are ready for wedding / party.



Someone Said :

  • Make up is the self confidence applied directly to face.
  • Treat your make up as jewellery for the face. Play with colours, shapes structures. It can transform you.