Painting is such an aspect of creation which changes the presentation of a personality altogether. Kshama Patki tries on different textures with various experiments to enhance the different effects on the same figures.
She has a credit of conducting two exhibitions successfully and now planning for the third. Though started doing recently at the age of 60 years, she is enthusiastic to continue till 70 years. Frames in water, acrylic, pastel, permanent markers, somehow are cute effective. Frames of portraits, free hand, landscape, abstract, sketches, warli, rajasthani, tanjavur, madhubani, negative are her few favorites. She has discovered new style of patchwork painting. She has mastered in fabric paintings on a saree, chunni, stole, kurti, T-shirts, bedsheets, chair backs, cusion covers etc in all types of multi texture clothes. The products are ready for immediate use.

Kshama Patki

Contact details:

  • : 12, Sah Bhagirathi Hsg. Society, Patil Lane No 4, College Road, Nashik - 42205

  • : +919423912295
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