Homemade energy drinks

Now a days approach towards fitness is like “we don’t stop when we get tired, we stop when we are done”. After such burning calories sessions many times only water wont boost you. You have lost remarkable amount of calories, electrolytes while sweating. Here energy drinks plays vital role.
Generally such cases some rush to kitchen, teenage call mom and ask for favorite homemade energy drinks which have rich amount of carbohydrates, electrolytes, caffeine and many more essential content.

1. Citrus Coconut Sport Drink

Procedure :
Put some mineral water or young coconut water,extra virgin coconut oil, fresh lime juice, 1 tsp fresh lemon juice, 2 medjool dates (removed stones),1½ tsp agave (वनकुमारी)nectar, pinch of sea salt in a blender and blend it well.

2. Chia drink

Procedure :
Take some warm water put some chia seeds(2-3 spoon). Stir it properly. Cover it and put that cup in refrigerator. Get that cup on next day from fridge. Now seeds should be blown and become gelatinous. Mix 1 cup of chis seed with your favorite juice and stir it well.

3. Coconut Watermelon Workout Drink

Procedure :
Add 1 cup cubed watermelon, 1 cup coconut water, squeeze lime and some salt if necessary otherwise watermelon is enough sweet in bowl. Blend it properly and drink.

4. Maple Sports Drink Recipe

Procedure :
Put 3 cups cranberry juice , 5 cups water, 1/2 teaspoon salt, 2 tablespoons maple syrup in a container.. Mix it well. Keep it in refrigerator for some time.
These above all natural homemade energy drinks provides large amount of essential material and gives extra fuel to your tired muscles.

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