Artificial Jewelries – Vogue of crowd

24 Sep , 2016   Gallery

When it comes to jewelry, it have closest place in every women heart. Real jewelries like Gold, diamond, platinum etc are the traditional way to beautify ourselves. These real jewelries are the part of every celebration and most people consider it as best investment option too.

Latest trends are more fashionable and stylish who mostly prefer artificial jewelries.
Artificial jewelry is an economical and affordable form of jewelry but still it is not considered to be long lasting.
Generally girls/women wear these costume jewelries to complement any attire. These jewelries can be available in diverse colors as well as in any classic designs which comes in different format like chains, earrings, rings, anklets, nose pins and many more. The main focus of this kind of jewelries is their perfect precious bridal collection. Any bridal attire can match up with these jewelries. These are some reasons behind growing popularity of artificial jewelries in latest trends.

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Many people think that these costume jewelries are the part of changing styling of current youth. But hold on these jewelries has been into picture from 300 years back. These artificial jewelries were made up of low-priced stones, glasses by some talented jewelers during 18th century. Real golden time of artificial jewelries starts from 20th Century and occupied almost every woman’s heart up till now.

These costume artificial jewelries made up with metal, glass beads, bone & horn beads, wooden beads, stones, lace, terracotta beads, jute, and fabric jewelry also plastic, shells, wood. Some of them are really lightweight which gives elegant and sober look amongst all ages.


Nashik have wide jewelers who used to made these costume jewelries. Some Artificial Jewelers in Nashik are:

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