Diamonds – The Aura, The Purity, The Brilliance

Diamond tools

India is always been jewelry-centric. Indian crowd’s liking, thinking and styling changing fantastically so they are more selective, more conscious and also waiting to wear best even in jewelry too. From jewelry section diamonds are the tremendously growing category. Diamond is the choice of most fashionable, modern and trendy people.
Diamond collection is fabulous collection in all types of jewelry. Since diamonds are beautiful, rare, more precious. It is a magic happen when anyone see that stone. Basically diamonds are the sign of love.
The best investment is nothing but invest in diamonds. It gives the feeling of richness, luxury, beauty, passion since its most craved and beloved of all gemstones. Diamonds are figure out in different types of jewelry which includes ear rings, wrist watch, engagement ring, bracelets etc. Diamond jewelry are mean to be trust worthy since diamonds expresses romance, commitment, love.
We can distinguish diamonds by many other positive characteristics.
Diamond shapeDiamond hardness
Generally we purchase any jewelry and preserve it for long duration. In fact we want to pass that jewelry to our kids, our grand kids and so on. Diamonds are the best option for such thinking.
Many gemstone are hard and durable but diamonds are above them.

Diamonds available in variety of Colors
Many people thought if we purchase any diamond then we dont have choice of colors. Its not like that, diamond evolution brings many colors rather than white. Such as we can see chocolate brown, pink, blue, green and yellow shades in which diamonds are available. In fact diamonds are available in rainbow color too.

Clarity of diamonds
Most clear gemstone in the world is nothing but diamond. Diamond have the ability to reflect light. Diamond cutting in capitalize its natural clarity.

Symbolism of diamonds
There are many reasons in that diamonds are distinguished from other gemstones. Diamonds are famous because of their meaningful symbolism. Its having unbreakable quality, near towards perfection and symbol of deathless love, commitment.When you give or gift a diamonds to someone that means you are giving much more than just presenting a normal stone or metal. Your feeling expresses from its symbolism.

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Financially stable person walks towards diamonds. Nashikkars are diamond lovers. Hence Nashik is not behind others in case of diamonds too. Some of the finest brands present at Nashik such as

Synthetic Diamonds 1. Gitanjali jewels : Datta Mandir Chowk, Nashik Road, Nashik – 422101

2. Baphana Diamond Galaxy : 1st Floor, Riddhi Park,Baphana Jewellers Corner,Sharanpur Road,Nashik

3. Tanishq :
Branch 1 : Shop No 27 28 32 & 33 Devs Arcade, Near Bhonsala Military School Mahatma Nagar, Samarth Nagar, Nashik – 422005

Branch 2 : Tanishq showroom, near Rajiv gandhi bhavan, Sharanpur road, Nashik

4. Malabar gold: Shop No 3 & 4, Viraj Complex, Canada Corner, Nashik – 422002

5. D’damas : Building 4,Shop No 445,Ramrajay,Mahatma Nagar Road,Mada Colony, Nashik-422005 and many more.

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