Diwali shopping For girls

3 Nov , 2016  

“Hai roshni ka yeh tyyohaar
laye har chehre par muskaan
sukh aur samridhi ki bahaar
samet lo sarri kushiyan
apno ka saath aur pyar…
Iss Pawan Avsar par…
Aap sab ko
Diwali ki Shubhkamnayein!!!”

Around this time, almost everywhere Diwali preparations have been started. Whether it is snacks preparation in every kitchen or shopping planning among every family. Shopping malls, stores and every street in the city started flashing. Generally people prefer to wear traditional, regional attire for these fireworks days. Here special clothing means fabric, color and of course styling. Your clothes should brighten that fiery night in a pleasant way.
Now select the dressing style in which you feel comfortable. Actually girls have huge choice of dressing fashion. There are diverse kind of patterns you can go with. Such as Saree, Anarkali, churidar- kameez etc.

  • saree

    Sari –

    The prominent way of traditional attire starts with sari. This is typical style for most married woman. Sari also have vast variety such as border sari, sari with heavy embroidery, silk pattern etc.

  • Churidar Designs

    Churidar-Kameez –

    For young girls Churidar-Kameez is coming with latest trends in fashion. Its an evergreen style of dressing. Choose your attire having heavy work and long oval or circular shape ear rings can give you more pretty look.

  • Anarkali dress

    Anarkali –

    Anarkali is quite old fashion but it again comes with their diversity and uniqueness in each design in every designer pattern. Some Anarkali dresses are special because of their “ghera”, some of their “length”, some are attractive because of their pleasant work and many more. If you don’t want to go with regular pattern then latest fashion is Anarkali with jackets.

Color combination also matters since this festival is a symbol of enthusiasm. Initial stage is to think about which color we can go with? So choose your dressing color bright and sparkling which makes you attractive amongst all. Such as neon colors- like pink, blue, green, red etc. Decorate your hands with natural color of Mehendi. Beautiful sweet smell of Mehendi with colorful hands and attractive design can enhance your presence.
Essential and important care should be taken is “wear a attire in which you can comfortably play fireworks”.

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