Evening prom ball gown

Evening gown is the choice of descent, sober peoples. Ball gown is reserved for prom nights, parties, dinner, such occasions sometimes its called prom dress.

If you just wear it and do regular makeup and hairstyle then it will spoil your look. Evening gown requires certain trendy, classy look. Now you must be thinking classy look in what sense? Hair style, makeup, accessories these are the part of your dressing attitude that can change your look.

Have a look what type of attire and attitude you need to carry while wearing prom ball gown.

1. Makeup:
Makeup is really essential part of your prom. When you select your prom ball gown its really beneficial to plan type of your makeup, which work perfect on your face. Whether you are doing more natural glow or extreme thick eye with heavy wild look, but by practicing it, you will become more confident and dazzling at prom. Look need to be so perfect that can help you to spend more time with your date rather than getting ready again and again.

2. Hair styles : If you are wearing evening gown then there are some thumb rules of hair styles.

i) If you are having short bob hair cut then you should keep it as straight till bottom or you can half-up and half down look.

ii) If you have long hairs then you can keep down. Long hair have multiple options and also it depends on type of gown.
Such as high pony tail or bun can suit for open back gown, for intricate front or large bow close to the shoulder gown, pulled your hair high so that attention will shift to your face, if your gown is one shoulder then make a sleek ponytail on one shoulder that enhance your look.
Simple straightening of your hair can also make you shine but if your hair is fizzy and curled then don’t keep it down better to make bun. Since it can ruin your get up.

3. Accessories :

i) Shoes match with your gown : Even if your gown is too long floor length, still peoples are very eager to see your feet. Though you are having gorgeous feet still footwear is necessary. High heels such pencil heels can go with your gown. There are many variety of footwear available, from that you can choose according to your linking but it should not too flat.

ii) Silver accessories : Silver or diamond accessories can match with your gown or you can go with diamonds. Diamonds always look awesome. Plain white diamonds or same color diamond as per your dress color and surrounding white diamonds looks perfect. You can use long ear rings, bracelets, sometimes diamond hair bands or crown can look more beautiful.

iii) Hand bag : Hand bag should be small and elegant, should not look like old fashioned long bags.
Your hand bag can be same color as your dress or it can be transparent with silver shade. Its size should be big enough to put your mobile, money, and lipstick, hanky that’s it.

You are ready for prom now, just wear your prom ball gown with pride.

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