Party Etiquette for host

Be a good host for party time
What type of party are you throwing doesn’t matter when it comes to Etiquette. You should be very well mannered. There are many care which host should take. These are

1. Inivitation should be clear : Your invitation should be clear and simple. You should mention party type (casual get together or formal party) ans costume theme or party theme so that your guest will get clear idea about party.

2. Well planning of party : For throwing successful party the key element is you need to prepare guest list. Your party preparation should done before arrival of guests.So that you will be more relax during party time.

3. Calm behavior : You need to be calm in party time. Your guest should feel relax and your party should be enjoyable. Your approach should be simple.

4.Warm welcome to your guest : Make sure your are welcoming your guest warmly. They should be warmly treated and greeted throughout the party. If anyone has empty glass or waiting for something then your approach should be more quick and cheerful.

5. Appreciative behavior : Thank your guest for making your party enjoyable. Also don’t forgot to thank those peoples who have bring gifts for you.

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