Healthy hairs on summer

Just as sun is bad for your skin and it damage your skin like wise this heavy sunlight damage your hair too. Summer is really blasting season for everyone but its really bad for hairs. Dull hairs surely makes your presence dull and brittle.
Is your hairs are ready to fight with this summer??? Try out some easy and essential hair care tips:

1. Protection with UV rays :


Use of scarf or hat to protect our hairs from sun rays when you are out in sun. It not only protects you from heavy UV rays but also retain moisture of your scalp. Scarf or hat prevent damage occurred by wind.

2. Change your hairstyle :


This is the time to keeps your hair messy.. Messy hair braid is the best hairstyle for heavy summer. This prevent your hair from direct exposure to sun rays. Tight hairstyle can be damage your hairs as they pull your hair and make it more weak specially when your hairs are dry from extremely burning heat.

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3. Hair wash in summer :


Wash your hair just after your exposure to sun. That can eliminate further damage and also washing your hair can remove all impurities that could stay on your scalp. It doesn’t mean to use only shampoo while washing your hair rather natural remedies are also beneficial here. With proper hair wash, conditioning is also necessary.

4. Oil massage :


coconut or avocado or olive oil are best at strengthen your hair shaft. Gentle massage from root to ends of hot oil is beneficial. rinse it off and condition as usual. Hair will get moisturized which helps to avoid dryness.

5. Hair Brush :


Avoid pulling your with small tooth comb while its wet. Its most susceptible to breaking. Deal with your hair more gently with wide tooth hair brush. These types of hair brush actually take care of your hairs.

Keep your hairs smiling and healthy all hot, burning summer with this simple and effective tips.

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