Remove hair dandruff instantly


Wondering what all those little white flakes appearing on the hairs???
Its “dandruff” or “Fungal infection”. It’s one type of scalp disease which causes heavy itching and to relive from that itching you need to scratch your scalp. The one who have excess dandruff are more likely to have pimples on their forehead.
Not to worry now. This problem is absolutely treatable.
The following list of home remedies will help you to remove dandruff soon.

Neem leaves

i. Make the paste of leaves and mix it with water. Use this water to wash your hair daily.
ii. Add neem leaves to boiling water. Remove leave from water and allow it to cool . Wash your hairs with this water.


Take some vinegar according to your hair size and length, add equal amount of water into it. Rinse hairs with vinegar solution to get rid of white flake.

Honey and lemon

2 spoons of lemon juice with 5 spoons of honey. Add water to it. Wash your hairs with this natural shampoo.

Tea oil

Apply tea oil directly to your scalp which helps to remove dandruff soon.


Take 2 tbsp of apple juice and mix it with honey. Apply it to your hair and leave it for 5-10 minutes. Wash your hairs.

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