Remove Hair split ends


Hair split ends – Fact of life and bad condition of unhealthy hair that almost every single has to deal with. Sometimes we ignore small split-ends but that small one can increases speedily with the regular hair growth. When your full hairs cover with that split ends, texture of your hairs changes and it looks little messy. Your hair style may looks bit weird and dull.
Many people are crazy about hair straightening,ironing or curling. That can be done by heating hair to give proper shape which make it straight or curl. This process remove moisture from your hair follicles which make it dry and brittle. This can cause split ends.

Home treatments that work on hair splits:


1. Oil your hair ends. No need to do oil massage on scalp if you are facing hair split end problem. Complete rest with good sleep is what you need. You can use olive oil or mixture of coconut oil and olive oil. Repeat this 3-4 times in a week.

2. Avocado mask. Take avocado paste and apply it on full hair along with scalp. Leave it for 20 minutes and wash it with regular water.

3. Almond oil and egg yolk. 1 teaspoon almond oil with 1 egg yolk (increase amount of egg yolk according to your hair length) use this paste on full hair from root to tip. Wear a shower cap. Leave it for 20 minute and rinse it off.

4. Walnut oil – Best for hair split ends. Massage your hair with walnut oil at night and shampoo it on next morning. Use this 4-5 times a week and your split ends problem will solve within 1-2 months.

“Beautiful hair makes a happy head.”

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