Ayurveda- Homeopathy- Allopathy

Environment – Human interact with it every day. This regular interaction affects the quality and years of healthy life. It’s really essential to aware the reactions of unhealthy environment. For example poor air can leads to severe headache, cold and many disease which are harmful to internal body.
Only appropriate treatment can cure our body from this dangerous disease. There are basically 3 methodologies available to treat each disease.

  • Allopathy
  • Homeopathy
  • Ayurveda

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Each one has unique way of treatment to cure disease. Their origin differentiates them.



Greek word állos, “other”, “different” + the suffix πάϑος, páthos, “suffering” . Term allopathy strike during 1810 by “Samuel Hahnemann” founded this system of therapy as oppose the homeopathy. It’s actually a part of western medical system. Instant effectiveness in emergency is the main reason of why all over the world adopted the allopathy. This treatment is basically depends on 3 things – hypothesis, experimentation, outcome. Its instant response creates wide network. Since here doctors treats disease depends on symptom not on causes.


Term comes from Greek word “Homoios”. Which means “suffering”. This methodology heals our body by improving the immune system. Homeopathy medicines are depending on the behavior and sensitivity of disease. This treatment takes little more time compared to allopathy to cure particular disease. This can be a drawback in case of emergency, since it has slow response. The best thing about this treatment is it doesn’t have any side-effects if treatment is going under supervision.


Ancient medical science. This treatment is totally based on inborn principles of nature. This is Sanskrit term made from “ayus” and “veda” which means “like” and “knowledge” respectively. There 3 types of elemental energies present in human body and imbalance of any of these energy called as “doshas”.
a. Vata
b. Pitta
c. Kapha
There is another important concept available in ayurveda called as “Panchakarma”. Which is nothing but Therapy of purification. Cleansing the toxins if present in the body referred as “Panchakarma”. This is the traditional and classical form of purification. Ayurveda have hierarchical structure of treatement. Now a day’s most of the people adopting ayurveda treatment since its having low side-effects.
Unhealthy environment is outcome of human behavior towards surrounding. Impure air and lacking of tree are the main reasons of unhealthy life.
“What we are doing to the forests of the world is but a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to one another.”

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