Moksh India – Rehabilitation and Deaddiction Centre for male and female

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Addiction – People use to take drugs frequently and can’t stop taking it even if they want to. Here the wish is so strong to control even if you know only drugs are causing harm to you but you can’t stop.

Alcoholism is a chronic disease which almost left untreated though it can have serious, life-threatening consequences. Still India has growing count in alcohol consumption graph. It’s risen 55% over a period of 20 years. Most worrying thing in it is youngsters are getting initiated to alcohol much.

You don’t have to suffer from alcohol addiction in silence. We are very fortunate to have alcohol rehabilitation centers available in Nasik who provide effective treatment programs for alcoholism and drug addiction. Whether you or someone you know is addicted with alcohol, cigarettes or drugs (cocaine, brown sugar, heroin etc), there is best place to get an immediate help that is “Moksh India male/female rehabilitation and deaddiction center in Nashik”.

Moksh India, helping people from all over India to find relief from their addiction. Moksh team support every addicted in their all 12 step based model that is cutting edge standards for fixation treatment and recuperation administrations. Moksh India follows latest addiction treatment based on practical approach, research & studying what works in addiction recovery.

They provide

  • 01-ic-moksh-service

    28 days programs

  • 02-ic-moksh-service

    Full range services

    With varying intensities
    & duration to meet clinical needs

  • 03-ic-moksh-service

    Treatment team

    Highly trained, multi-disciplined

  • 04-ic-moksh-service

    18 months of FREE support

    Patient once they complete treatment.

Moksh Motto = “Instruction, treatment, restoration and social incorporation of medication addicts and Alcoholics in the standard of the general public as a typical individual, additionally into treatment of general fixation of different pains”.

As name itself says, Moksh India actually provide you “मोक्ष”(freedom) from addiction.

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