Problems of Blind People

“Where there is will there is way” applicable to all cases, many have proved and many are willing to prove. India is home to the largest blind population on the planet but it’s also true that India have record to have more successful blind persons. “Nothing can stop you from succeeding”. Whether it’s Bollywood, IFS or sport,visually disabled have made their footprints of success in each field. Recently in 2018 the best Indian Blind cricket team played 5th Blind Cricket World Cup tournament and made India proud with the golden cup. Another success story is of 25 years old Beno Zephine made history to become India’s first 100% visually challenged person to be inducted into the country’s elite Indian Foreign Service (IFS).

What you think is it easy to achieve this success? We have everything, at-least all our body parts are perfectly working still we took years to achieve this success or our goal. These people already have biggest blindness challenge in their life and still running continuously to reach peak. Blindness causes considerable social challenges.

1. Social interaction

Blindness often not accepted easily to interact socially. There can be awkwardness for sighted people when dealing with blind ones which lead to create difficulties for the blind to develop relationships.

2. Visual symbols

As we know much of us communicate using visual symbols. Mostly depend what we see and warn us of danger which provide direction to interact. Blind people faces problem and feel unaware of these symbols which cuts them off from portion of the world.

3. Gainful employment

Physically disabled person faces difficulty in finding appropriate employment. Being the independent citizen of developed country and being an unemployed is the most frustrating for blind people.

4. Public perception

Most hazardous problem blind people facing is the behavioral approach of surrounding where people try to feel them physically handicapped. It actually decreases moral and self-confidence.
We highly value and respect the “Blindness”. Let’s give helping hand to overcome their problems and make world more proud to have them.
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