Food that fight with cancer

Cancer – Miserable disease recognized worldwide and affecting millions of people each year. Approximate 3.95k people died last year in India from that 71% was cancer related death. Basically cancer is A class disease characterized when cell goes out of control and their abnormal behavior.
There is high rate of people who survive by natural cancer treatment at home. Combination of medical treatment and natural care helps to overcome the disease. To reduce your risk of cancer, some beneficial food must present in your fridge.

Obtaining enough fatty acids, healthy proteins keeps your immune system active and working properly which prevent muscle wasting, hormonal and nerve problems.

These cancer fighting food you should always keep in your grocery list


1. Garlic – Garlic contains powerful antioxidants like alicin that has proven to remove radicals from body. Garlic also boosts immunity, lower blood pressure and cholesterol level, improves brain functions.


2. Broccoli – Broccoli is best antioxidant. That has proven to reduce the risk of cervical, breast, gastric and prostate cancer. Anti-inflammatory good for bones, best to use broccoli raw or blanched.


3. Green Tea – This is beneficial to fight with radical damage, helpful to shrink existing tumor, reduce the growth of cancer cells. Daily intake of green tea is a natural cancer preventive. It also controls heart disease, lower cholesterol level.


4. Strawberries – Delicious yummy strawberry have its own health benefits as well. Research found that strawberries slow down the growth of cancer cells, protect from heart disease, prevent memory loss, and also helps to burn your body fats.


5. Spinach – This low calories leafy green vegetable offers incredible health benefits. You remember Popeye ? He was spinach lover.. Why so????
Spinach is rich source of vitamins, minerals, omega-3 fatty acid that or body need to get strong. Particularly folate and fibers in spinach helps to prevent cancer.


6. Tomatoes – Basically it’s all about lycopene the anti-oxidants that cause the red color of tomatoes. These anti-oxidants is so powerful that prevent the formation of certain cancers.

Taking right steps in right direction is always beneficial. Eating right is not at all horrible.

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