Natural foods highest in protein

Everybody says “Our body needs high intake of protein” which is a symbol of healthy life. But What is protein? Why our body need these? “Can we eat too much proteins?

Basically Proteins are one of the basic building block of human body which occupy 16% of total body weight. Major body parts are made up of protein like hair, muscles, skin and other connective tissues…

Proteins plays vital role in almost all cells of our body.. Its important to eat right kind of protein in correct amount at right time. Which helps to reduce unwanted kgs from your belly fats and makes your tummy slim and fit.

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Now a days there are so many artificial protein available in market which gives instant effect but have some amount of side-effects as well. If you are planning to increase your protein intake then it is advisable to go with natural products. Below are some of the protein rich food products –

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