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Yoga- Mould your life towards fitness and wellness

20 Dec , 2014  

Yoga - The biggest motivation for honoring our body, carrying peace in life and realization of own power to achieve huge goals than you think.

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Fitness – Weight Gain

27 Nov , 2014  

Most helpful and easy ways for skinny people to put on weight.

Fitness, Health

Gym – Essential part of fitness

11 Sep , 2014   Gallery

Essential part of fitness is nothing but GYM. You can get list of finest Gyms in Nashik and euipments for Gym on NashikFame.

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Lose Your Weight in a month (Proper Diet plan)

26 May , 2014  

Well and easy tips to maintain health to live fit and fine. Visit NashikFame for more fitness tips.

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13 Mar , 2014  

“fitness”, it is the most important topic in todays generation. Now a days girls are damm crazy in making “zero figure” and boys are crazy for very good muscular body.