Change daily habits that can cure back pain

10 Aug , 2015  

Finding the exact reason behind back pain is really tricky, preventing back pain is actually simple. It’s all about relieving pressure, stress, protecting your bones, spinal and most importantly strengthening body muscles.
Changing few daily habits can easily relive your back pain.

1. “Pillow” affecting heavily:


Many people who have back pain feel best lying on stomach or on stomach with one leg bent up to the side . Sleeping straight (on back) can increase pressure on spine. Placing pillow under your knees divides the pressure on your spine and gives relief from back pain.

2. You are not good eater:


Consuming sufficient calcium and vitamins in a regular diet keeps your bones strong.
Our body gets calcium from green vegetables, yogurt, curd, milk etc and vitamin D from fatty fish, egg yolk, cheese etc.

3. Your smoking addiction spoiling it:


cigarette smoking is injurious to health. Cigarette give strain to mind and body which makes body weaker. Nicotine reduces the normal blood flow going to the spine that helps to increase back pain.

4. Use flat shoes:

Prefer low heeled shoes. They reduce the strain on the spine while walking or standing. For ladies less than 1 inch heel are the best for back.

5. Sitting at one place for long time?


Now a day’s many of us spend hours and hours by sitting at one place in office. It’s hardly possible to maintain good posture throughout the day which will support your back. Better to choose good quality chair that will provide firm support to your back. If you want to sit more hours then better to take 5-10 min break after every 45 min and walk around.

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