Physiotherapy treatment on pain at home

22 Jan , 2015  

“Treatments provided in the comfort of your own home. Day and evening appointments available”

Everyone knows physiotherapy exercises under observation of physiotherapist is always best way to cure injuries or fitness level. Apart from diagnosis medicine, physiotherapy exercises plays vital role in curing any pain. Chronic pain in neck, shoulder, back can be healed with some strength exercises using hand weight. These exercises should be done on alternate days.

  • 01-dumbbell-shrug
  • 02-one-arm-row
  • 03-upright-row
  • 04-reserve-fly
  • 05-shoulder-abduction

Few easy exercises that need to be done everyday or alternate day at home with proper guidance which helps to cure your injuries immediately, relieve pain and reduces stiffness in back.

lower back pain exercises

» Back

1. Lie on with straight legs then bring your knee up close to your chest. Hold this position for 10 sec and then release it. Same with right leg.

2. Keep your arms on your side and stand straight. Bend yourself on left side slowly, left hand down your left leg. Come back easily and slowly. Same with right side.

physical therapy

» Neck

1. Concentrate on one object then slowly move neck on back (can able to see roof) with whole body still. Hold this for 5 sec then slowly release. Same with head down. Slowly move your head down (looking at floor) hold for 5 sec again and then release slowly.

2. Keep your eyes on one object and then turn head to left (head should be in line with shoulder). Hold the position till 5 sec. Repeat with right side as well.
These exercises are relatively simple which can be done at any time any place also do not require any widgets. So be ready to say “Goodbye pain, hello freedom”.

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