Be Bold..Be sturdy but Be Safe

Ram, Sham, Siya or Priya…everyone’s adventure begins its course from the moment they pick up their moped or bikes key to ignite the vehicle.
Today, he took the bike with the smile on his face and left the home. On the very first turn, he met with big pothole which he passed very artistically. Still, the relax and smiling him, reaches to the first destination to pick up his girl….friend.

The charming couple started the journey to the office and suddenly stone pressed by nearby bike hit on his head. She scared but he was relaxing. He even didn’t realize what happened. The beautiful she took a little while to come out of that. The journey of surprises didn’t end here today, suddenly small dog came in front of their vehicle and he had to hard break. The bike stopped and her head hit on his head. He even didn’t realize her head stroke but she did. After a while, she realized there is something between them which is not realizing him all these incidents and keeping him cool. She just opened her eyes and saw the helmet he wore which was overlooked in routine.

She realized the importance of it and wore her helmet she was carrying in her hand for the rest of journey and somewhere deep down promised herself to use it regularly. Probably his helmet might have smiled while looking at her helmet and have said – “Dear, You are experienced travelers or motorcyclists who conquered Ladakh trip or daily city traveler. I am there with you. I will make your journey safe n secure. I can make you look bold and sturdy too. Please use me, dear…”

Friends, use of the helmet is in your favor only. Please use Helmet and save yourself!!

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