Lord Ganesha and Gauri ornamentation

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|| vakratunda mahakaya suryakoti samaprabha
nirvighnam kurume deva sarva karyeshu sarvada

Hindu festival Ganesh Chaturthi widely celebrated in Maharashtra to honor and welcome Lord Ganesha at our home.
Ganesha – the elephant-headed, remover of the hurdles and birth of wisdom.

Ganesh Chaturthi is the most lightening festival where thousands of devotees pray to god by establishing Lord Ganesha idol at our home.

Everyone are so enthusiastic during these ten days as everyone decorate our Ganesha with so many accessories. Initial stage is to ornament you idol with some genuine gold, silver, diamond jewelry to glitter Lord.

Now a days there are so many options available to adorn your Ganesha Murti.
1. Ganesha head crown : Crown is the best thing which enhance Ganesha idol’s beauty. We can take gold or silver crown which looks more simple and sweet.

2. Hibiscus Flower : Offering flower to our divinity is more than just a ceremonial. “Hibiscus flower is favorite flower of Lord Ganesha”. Flowers are very important to worship. To decorate our idol many people bring gold/silver hibiscus flower which really look pretty.

3. Necklace : There are so many gold or artificial necklace available in market which suits your idol. Like varied neck pieces with pendants, pendant necklace, hibiscus flower necklace, coconut necklace etc
There are diversity in celebrating his festival and decorating our idol.

Usually after 2 days of Ganesh Chaturthi, we bring idols of Gauri. Gauri Ganpati also known as Mahalakshmi. They are the sisters of Lord Ganesha. Some people believed that Gauri are nothing but Goddess Parvati. Gauri come to their brothers house(mayka) for some days.
This is 3 days event .
1st day is avahana
2nd day is Satyanarayan puja
3rd day is they immersed in water.

Gauri dressed in Nav vari sari or normal Indian sari with beautiful traditional Marathi look. So all traditional accessories are used to enhance their beauty.

There are so many varieties of jewelries available
1. Nose rings : Nose rings gives typical Marathi look. As Gauri are the idols so we have to wore punch nose rings. There are diversity in nose rings such as small nose rings with diamonds(diamonds can be real diamonds or american diamonds), pearl nose rings etc.

2. Gold bindi : Its optional part. You can use rounded shape bindi. Gold or diamond bindi looks better than using artificial.

3. Necklace : Necklace is the complete jewelry which gives pure bridal look to any girl. We can use multiple types of necklaces to adorn our idol. Start with short neckline necklaces like gold thushi, short necklace with pendant also we can use long necklaces such as rani haar, laxmi haar etc.These traditional jewelries are most suitable to beautify Lord Ganesha’s sisters.

4. Mangalsutra : Everyone knows Mangalsutra is the symbol which shows your marital status. Its a auspicious thread which tied after marriage. Now a days there are so many variations are available in Mangalsutra. Woman generally adorn their idol with Gold Mangalsutra.

5. Extra accessories : Woman never complete their “Sajna savarna”. These extra accessories are icing on cake. We can have gold baju band, waist band, rings in hand, gold anklets(payal),gold ear rings like zumka pattern.

6. Bangles : Green bangles set(chuda) are the sign of married woman. These bangles makes perfect combination with glass bangles alongside gold bangles or gold broad kadas.

After wearing all this stuff. Gauri look more precious, beautiful and we really feel that Lord Gauri shower her blessing on us. Her blessings brings prosperity, peace and happiness in our life.

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  • Vakra-Tunndda Maha-Kaaya Surya-Kotti Samaprabha Nirvighnam Kuru Me Deva Sarva-Kaaryessu Sarvadaa.
  • Lord Ganesha gives you A rainbow for every storm; A smile for every tear; A promise for every care; And an answer to every prayer!