Nashik – Real estate investment hub


Nashik – rapidly developing city in India. One of the city forming golden triangle of Maharashtra, equidistant from Mumbai and Pune. Nashik has everything like industries, administration, education, production and marketing. A city of pilgrimage drives its economy from various sectors like industries, agriculture and even it has one of the important defense unit in India.

City has big industries operating their production and corporate units in MIDC areas spread across carpet of the city like Ambad, Satpur, Sinner.
Nashik is surrounded by world class wineries and wine farming hence called as wine capital of India.
Having all such fascinating features with pleasant climate and relax lifestyle, it is obvious that city has become the top choice for real estate investment as well.

Nashik has become meetup point for both local and outside investors who may find difficult to buy property in Mumbai or Pune due to their budgets.
Well known builders/developers from big cities have also started their big projects across the city and it is proud that they are getting enthusiastic response.
Real estate development in Nashik has been transformed due to effective establishment in industries, educational, residential projects. There is huge variety of flats (1 BHK, 2BHK, 3BHK) available along with various apartments, row houses, bungalows in Nashik.

Nashik has huge potential in terms of investment and economic growth. Developers in the city have shown striking sense considering major cities as development models.
These all factors are encouraging huge employment and successfulness. No wonder this will increase the demand of residential projects and more developers will be attracted towards the city as their business expansion plan.

Increasing employment will attract crowd from all over the places and will find suitable-matching location for their home.

Here is short list of areas where real estate is booming in multiples:


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