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24 Jan , 2018  

Did you ever have a romantic encounter while travelling? Love at first sight in college?
Do you attend the class everyday just because you wanted to see him/her? Are you checking your cell phone after every minute with new expectations in mind every time irrespective of any alert? Do you feel safe n relax when you are together?
Probably this is called as ‘love’. Yes the feeling which does not have any official definition yet. But considered as affection or liking for someone ‘special’. Yes ‘special’ because you follow his/her every piece of suggestion, you enjoy being together always.
Its love and it can happen anytime, anywhere. Once you are in love, you are celebrating season of love and it is 24×7.
Though you never left a single chance to impress your partner and keep celebrating every moment you are together either way. There is day celebrated as day of love called ‘Valentine Day’.
St. Valentine’s Day began as a liturgical celebration one or more early Christian saints named Valentinus.
Day celebrated across the world and cherished.
It’s not about couples in love, heart-shaped paper or a Yash Chopra movie marathon.
We dedicate Valentine’s Day to the unsung rhymes of love and to convert the rhymes to melody one should prepare to celebrate the Valentine’s Day.
Age doesn’t matter in love celebration but younger’s are eager to celebrate. It’s perfectly okay to not have plans for Valentine’s Day, sometimes, its fun to go with the mood, too. One of the most popular ways couples celebrate Valentine’s Day is by planning a romantic getaway. Planning and preparation will surely add spice to your celebration and you can make a memorable day to both of you. Few things you should concentrate while preparing yourself for Valentine’s Day –

  • 1. Attire – To look more attractive you have to find the appropriate attire that praise your body and your each feature.
  • 2. Gift – The selection of correct, perfect piece of gift is enough to deliver your “I love You” message to your beloved one.
  • 3. Cake – Bake a perfect cake with a favorite flavor of your lover. Attractive valentine cake is an essential tip in celebrating your love day.
  • 4. Jewellery – This could be romantic surprise for romantic day. Ring could be an excellent choice for valentine celebration.
  • 5. Makeup – Look lavish and royal for a night or evening out with a sparkling valentine day makeup.
  • 6. Chocolate – Sweet for your sweet. Bunch/ basket of chocolates is a perfect way to send your love.
  • 7. Restaurant – Plan your meal with your sweetheart & spend more quality time by choosing a romantic restaurant and feeding love bites of your favorite dishes.

Express your love and seize the opportunity presented by Valentine’s Day to warm your partner’s heart.
It’s a day where short love stories or happily ever after are born.

In Love it’s always “Win-Win” while losing your hearts 🙂
valentine's day cake

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