Kumbh mela – Worlds most enormous move of belief

14 Jul , 2015  

Hindu tradition describes the “Kumbh Mela” birth to the early century. Spectacular faith from many centuries creates the curiosity between travelers. “Hiuen Tsiang of China” was the first man who mentioned Kumbh mela celebration in his diary during 7th century. He has created report which contain detail information about Kumbh. During Hindu month of Megh (Jan-Feb) billions of people gathered at bank of Ganga river to celebrate. This celebration is for 75 days. “Hiuen Tsiang of China” has also mention in his diary about the king who has distributed ample quantity of gold, silver and many more things as a charity.
Attendees come from different places for Kumbh mela to dis-burden their sins.
According to Hindu tradition this is the only time when people dips in the holy Ganges and wash all their sins to achieve “Nirvana”. 3 dips in a morning then perfect yoga and listening spiritual lectures are the perfect enjoyment for Kumbh mela.
Kumbh mela is visited by billions of people across India.Some famous sadhus are:1. The Naga Sadhus :
Never wear any cloths and stained with ash.

2. Urdhwavahurs :
These sadhu believe in putting their body in sever rigidness.

3. Parivajakas :
Who have taken vows of silence.

4. Shirshasins :
Meditate by standing 24 hours on their heads.

Kumbh mela is celebrated every three years in rotation in the following places:

  • Allahabad
  • Nashik
  • Haridwar
  • Ujjain

Kumbh mela is held at above all four places. Ardha Kumbh mela is held at Haridwar and Prayaga(Allahabad) every 6 years duration. Purna Kumbh mela is held only at Prayaga every after 12 years duration. Maha Kumbh mela is held at Prayaga every after 144 years.

kumbhmela nashik
kumbhmela nashik
kumbhmela nashik 3

Nashik Kumbh mela is held every after 12 years. Its scheduled for 2015(August-Sept).Dates of shahi snan has announced on

Date (2015) Day Event Venue
14 July Tuesday Flag hosting Ramkund and Trimbakeswar
29 Aug Saturday First shahi snan Ramkund and Trimbakeswar
13 Sept Sunday Second shahi snan Ramkund and Trimbakeswar
18 Sept Friday Third shahi snan Ramkund
25 Sept Friday Third shahi snan Trimbakeswar

Kumbh mela held at Nashik when Jupiter and Sun are in Leo during Hindu month Bhadraprada. So dis-burden sins with holy water and purify yourself internally on this Kumbh mela.

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