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Many people think to trek but they exactly don’t know how to trek.. It may be your first trek or may be you have gone through many trekking points. That’s not an issue, the point is you should be clear about required things and be careful about essential care.
There are some simple tips for trekking.

1. Weather condition

Simple and sweet suggestion is don’t rely on weather report or other opinion. Be prepare for all weather since you are going to stay with nature. While you are leaving more higher, the weather may change in minutes.

2. Up to where you wanna reach?

Remember trekking means walking on mountain and its totally different and adventures than walking on plain road. So don’t underestimate the power of distance specially on hills. Abrupt and sharp climbs consumes more time and evacuate more energy since there are frequent ups and downs in path. Prior physical preparation for trekking is speedy walking or jogging for some hours would be really beneficial.

3. Time for trekking

Its actual time for understanding exactly how to trek.

  • Walk : In excitement we walk faster on hills that make us exhausted very fast. Rather take small steps and only one step at a time remain you active for long time. While walking on surface which is not plain and have many stones, make sure your steps should not too small. At that time you need to take long steps which can help you cover area quickly.
  • Breath : Avoid breathing from mouth. Breathing from mouth can make you bone-tired soon. Breath through nose. If you feel that your breathing is getting difficult for you and you have to take breath form mouth that means your walking too fast. Slow down your walking speed. Relax yourself for sometime.
  • Talk : Talkative person need to shut their mouth till trekking. Because talking while trekking exhaust you. So please avoid it.
  • Hungry kya?? : Keep nourishing food with you. If your trekking will cover many days then keep some stored food like pickle and sausages. That make your any food tasty. Adjust with the environment and their food too.
  • Packing your bags : First learn how to pack your bags. Main thing is, do not keep unwanted things with you. Larger kg can increase pain while climbing on hills. Just keep in mind you have to carry your luggage by yourself only. So lesser the luggage, your climb will be easier. Your bag should be strapped in a particular manner that can not loose any gap in midway otherwise bag will stop you and you may loose your balance at some point.
  • First aid : Basic medicines are essential while hiking. Like cold tablets, pain killer, and band aid are necessary medicines.

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Trekking is much more about mind games.Means if you think you can do it then you will surely do that. But if you think you cant then with best physical condition also you cant do that. So positive approach will definitely make your trekking successful.

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  • It feels good to be lost in the right direction.
  • Climb the mountain not so the world can see you but you can see the whole world.