Romantic places in India

26 May , 2015  

Love, romance is a divine relation which not only binds two persons but their souls for lifetime. For such precious relation adding special stroke by planning most romantic trip is like icing on cake.. Isn’t it? Many times it happens that our life gets monotonous and we need a break to enjoy some days with someone special who complete our life by all means. This may create most treasure memories and tune our entire life with each other.

Choosing romantic trip destination need lots of thoughts and planning. India itself has lots of Romantic places.
See, some of the most romantic places in India from long time –

1. Shimla

2. Munnar

3. Ooty



4. Coorg


5. Pondicherry


6. Kashmir


“Nothing in this world can buy happiness of being with your beloved ones! Enjoy your romantic holidays with your partner..”

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