Which type of traveler are you?

18 Mar , 2015  

Hobby – Just an activity which we can perform during our leisure time to entertain ourself which change our mood. Generally it’s a thing which we like to do but we are not more serious about it. Some people likes gardening, some like singing, some like dancing, reading etc. Different people have different hobbies which can be cheap or expensive.

Traveling may be an expensive hobby but if it gives internal satisfaction and refreshes our mood then its a great idea. Traveling is perfect way to utilize your leisure time. We met diverse kind of people while traveling which is interesting part as we got to know different cultures and living styles of them. Important thing is to decide what type of traveler are you actually?

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1. Nature lover :

Lets enjoy and appreciate the natural environment. Easy to accept and adapt the nature’s blessings by exploring the place. Nature is a one way which affect our mood too.

Types of tourism

2. Culture finder :

You like to go back in past?? Want to find the things happened in history??? These are the places where you can actually enjoy the history, live their lifestyle with the memories hidden in places.

different types of tourism

3. Trekkers :

Its a form of walking only, undertaken with specific purpose like enjoying and exploring something. Trekkers travel to observe nature, rural communities, spectacular mountains beauty and inhaling the fresh air from peak of mountain.

nature lover

Wherever you go, go with all your heart.

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Someone Said :

  • To travel is to take a journey into yourself
  • We wander for distraction, but we travel for fulfillment.