Bold lips with beautiful lip makeup

For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.

Lips – Most beautiful and sensitive part of woman’s facial structure. These expresses just spectacular speaks which don’t need any words. Protecting our lips from destructive weather is really essential to keep them healthy having natural pink lip color.
These some essential tips makes lips beautiful for long time in any season.

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1. Clean you lips carefully : Cleaning your lips regularly at least once in a week by removing dead skin and dirt. Which make it more fair.
Cleaning lips is very simple. Take a small soft brush wet in warm water and gently rub on lips for approx 10 min.

2. Moisture is food for healthy lips : After cleaning moisturizing you lips is really required. Keep them moist by applying lip balm or any lip moisturizer.

3. Sun rays – Risky for lips : Sun rays are the major reason behind lip skin darkening and cracks of lips. There are many products available in market which can be beneficial to use while leaving out in sun rays.

These are some vague ideas to keep our lips alive. There are some important tips to make your lip makeup more bold in parties or any occasion.

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1. Apply some primer (prior lip balm) and keep them for 5-10 minutes then tap that using tissue paper.

2. Concealer play important role here. Many of us think concealer are used only for hiding darkening below eyes but you can use it on upper lips too. If there is some tanned skin. It will help to glow your lips.

3. To give appropriate shape to your lips use of natural color lip liner(pencil) are effective. This stage is really about to create attractive lip color.

4. Direct use of tub lipstick can give pigmented color. Rather apply your lipstick color using brush gives you royal and bold look. Tap it gently using blotting paper or tissue and again apply lipstick that will make you lipstick long last.

5. Balance rest of your makeup to highlight your lips. Your rest makeup should be minimum as compared to lips. Don’t use blush but definitely highlight eyes with proper eye liner and mascara.

6. Choose of lipstick color :
I. Bright colors (like pink, blood red) : The one who have thin lips can go with bright shades. Also bright colors gives more young look.
ii. Dark colors (like brown) : This helps to healthy lips and this color gives little old look.

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