Make your lip color long last

Keeping our lipstick long last and carrying it in better way with attire is actually challenge for girls. Now days there are variety of lipstick brands available who provide smudge free and long last for some hours. Sometimes cost of such lipsticks are not affordable. There is trick which keeps your lipstick long last.

  • step-1

    1. Before applying lipstick,
    make sure no dead skin present near lip area…
    If so then use lip scrubber that can clean your lip area.

  • 2. Apply regular lip balm
    which can keeps your lip hydrate.
    This makes your lips more smother to spread out lipstick.

  • step-3

    3. Apply little foundation or concealer
    over lip to match skin tone.

  • 4. Select your listick color. Outline your lips with same color lipstick pencil and fill lips properly using that lip-liner as lipliner is dryer than normal lipstick.

  • step-5

    5. Take a tissue, place it on your lips with two halves.
    Dust a translucent powder on outer side of tissue paper
    using brush.

  • 6. Now lightly apply lipstick a little more to make it shine.
    Now your lips are ready to go long last.

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