Nail art – Try out your creative ideas

Experimental way to prettify your nail is nothing but Nail art. Nail art can be done on finger and toe nails. Day by day fashion sense is increasing so its one form to look different and unique amongst mob in party.

Few years ago, we just visit to salon and get a manicure to beautify our nails. Next step was we walk to cosmetic shop, pick out a polish according to liking and then coat our nails with that single color. From that if someone is really dashing and adventures then she might use bright color like red, green.. Now a days nail art design is so much popular that single color coat of polish is not enough. Creativity is all over the world. So why not here ? 😉
This Creative nail arts can be done by yourself or by salon professionals.


Little stuff is required according to your choice and you can proceed.

  • Various shades of nail polish.
  • Scissors.
  • Cello tape.
  • Thin paint brush
  • Small round shaped diamonds/stones
  • Semi circle or round shaped band aid.

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Simple tips need to follow:

1. Manicure of your nails before painting is very important. Because untidy and dull nails will not glow after painting.

2. If you have habit of biting your nails or you have short nails then apply acrylic nails before painting.

3. You have to be very fast while applying polish because it dries instantly.

4. If you want you can mix glitter into your polish to shine your paint.

5. If you want make your polish for long last then apply coat of nail polish every after 2-3 days. Use hand gloves while working in kitchen as it can prevent your nail from breakage and your art will not get spoiled.

Nail art is an art, creativity, its like makeup so there is no rule for it. Try your own choice and customize your fashion.

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