Choose your perfect suit


It’s a saying that a perfect choice of suit is an armor to any man. Investing in something new, something which is most comfortable, provide royal personality, standard presence and of course killer look. Obviously “Suit” is a big purchase for any men. So you need to know about it as much as you can. Otherwise it will not take time to spoil your party by bad suit.

Follow some good ideas to buy your suit that will surely define what exactly you want to wear. Just awesome.

1 What is the purpose of purchasing suit?
  • Dark and classic color: Suit is a perfect interview outfit for men. Dark and classic color is best for official use.
  • Black/ Navy color: Going for special occasion
  • Charcoal/ black color: If your first suit then must go with dark navy blue with charcoal black.
2Selection of suit fabric
  • Wool suit: If its your first suit then must go with woolen choice. This is actually the smartest option.
  • Cotton: This type of suit can only be worn in summer or fall.
  • Linen: Linen choice is also good for summer as well as snow fall winters.
3Number of buttons
4Single or double breasted

If its your first pick then single breasted suit is manageable and perfect. Though double breasted suits looks cool, dashing since it adds extra fabric to your chest portion (mid section) and become heavier.


Now a days in case of fashion men are moving further and further but still some traditional fashion can be used by many. The pleats on pants is one of the traditional fashion. Your pleats will loosen with your body movements. We must say if you are trying with first then must go with non pleated pants. It looks more sober.

6Last but not the least “Measurement”

Its really obvious that everyone knows their size. Never depend on last month or last year measurement. Every time fresh measurement is necessary. Your perfect suit is totally depend on your perfect measurement.

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