Tribute to Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

11 Sep , 2015  

Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam – The father of Indian missile Technology, the missile man. The child of a humble boat owner became nations pride as scientist, teacher, great thinker and youth icon. Kalam served as the 11th President of India. After leaving office, Kalam became a visiting professor at the IIMs and other institutes. His work, dedication and love toward the country influenced whole nation and he will be a constant source of inspiration for generations.
Reasons why India will miss APJ Abdul Kalam always –
1. Kalam as a humble person – When he came out from President home, he just had 2 suitcases with him. One suitcase consist of his cloths and another his Books.

2. Kalam as a hero for students – He loved student and consistently cheered them to work for country. His death in front of students already proved his love for students. He had conversation to nearly 20 crore students in his lifetime.

3. Kalam : a visionary – Kalam strongly advocated an action plan to develop India into a “knowledge superpower” and a developed nation by the year 2020. He regarded his work on India’s nuclear weapons programme as a way to assert India’s place as a future superpower.

4. Kalam’s quotes – There are thousands of quotes which inspire us in every situation. His most inspiring quote mentioned in more than 150 books is “Dreams are not what we
see in sleep, dreams are those which do not let you sleep”.

5. Kalam have coolest attitude – “All birds find shelter during rain, but eagle avoid rain by flying above the clouds”. His work and perspective towards life always help him to carry his cool attitude.

He taught us that we don’t have equal quality but we all have equal opportunities with that we can do anything absolutely anything which we want to do with all efforts. Abdul Kalam was a real fearless man who truly loves his motherland which gives him power to do anything for this country. His behavior makes him different from other personalities since he believes in innovations by maintaining originality.

His speech on students question “Why we have holidays on leader’s death?” Mr. Kalam replied beautifully with smile that “DONT DECLARE HOLIDAY IF I DIE, INSTEAD WORK AN EXTRA DAY, IF U LOVE ME”.

The whole country is shocked when real hero of the nation collapsed on stage while delivering a lecture on ‘Livable Planet’ at IIM-Shilong. Unfortunately, later he passed away even after medical team’s best efforts to revive him. The country missed the real hero, youth icon and great thinker who inspired the generations.
Vision 2020 was his dream. He always put nation first. He wanted our country to be developed country in the world. The actual tribute to Mr. Kalam from all of us is to achieve his goal as a united country.

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  1. Swapnil says:

    We are missing you.. The real hero of nation.. 🙁

  2. priya patil says:

    RIP Dr. APJ Kalam. ;(

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