Aloo paneer kofta

26 Sep , 2014  



1. Mixed chopped dry fruits – 2, 3 tbsp
2.Corn flour/corn starch – 1.5, 2 tbsp
3. Punjabi garam masala – ¼, ½ tsp
4. Chopped coriander leaves – 1, 1.5 tbsp
5. Red chili powder – ¼, ½ tsp
6. Almond flour – 11/2 tbsp or milk powder – 1 tbsp or khoya – 11/2 tbsp
7. Boiled, peeled and grated potatoes – 3
8. Grated, paneer or cheese – 200 gms
9. Oil
10. Chaat masala if required
11. Salt as required


1. Take all the elements(except dry fruits) in the bowl and mix it.

2. Add salt and spice powders(like chilly powder, pepper powder etc) if required.

3. Make a medium sized ball of above mixture and slightly flatten it.

4. Stick or place all dry fruits in a center alternatively. Its edges should be in center and cover the dry fruits completely.

5. Kofta must be sealed well so that it will not break while frying.

6. Make all remaining koftas this style.

7. Place kadhai on gas flame and put required amount of oil to deep fry the koftas(diet concious can do it shallow fry).

8. Fry the koftas in low flame till its color gets converted to golden brown.

9. Drain all the fried koftas on a tissue papper so that its extra oil can be absorbed by papper.

10. Here your hot,yummy koftas are ready to serve. Can eat with green chutney or tomato sauce.

11. We can use this kofta for kofta curry too.

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