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1 May , 2018  

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Nashikities are the biggest Misal pav lovers… It’s a most favorite breakfast for Nashikkars. Yummy spicy gravy having boiled sprouts and garnished with lots of sev, onion, coriander. This dish is usually served with fried papad and curd.

Now a days people are more foodie who likes to taste different dishes or same dish with different taste of different places. Then the one whose Misal taste is best become favorite misal pav vala for us. Isn’t it??

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This Misal is not only satisfying our hunger but also it’s a best way to hanging out with friends or family to celebrate weekend. Lots of spice in chatting and recollection of old memories gives the best start of day with this favorite breakfast.

Nashik have huge choices for “Misal Pav” lovers:

    • 01-abika-misal
    • 02-hotel-bhagwati
    • 03-hotel-sheetal
    • 04-hotel-shamsundar
    • 05-hotel-tuljai
    • 06-hotel-tushar
    • 07-raswanti-misal
    • 08-shelke-misal
    • 09-maharashtra-hotel
    • 10-hotel-vihar
    • 11-neheru-gardan
    • 12-om-tea-house
    • 13-sadhna-misal
    • 14-bhamre-misal

So Nashikkar, planning for Misal pav breakfast on this weekend’s?? Enjoy… 🙂
Also don’t forget to share what tastes best for you!!!

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3 Responses

  1. Jaideep tilak says:

    pls also add

    Shri krishna vijay @ gangapur road

    Makhmalabad misal (4got name)

    The one in mhasrul (4got name)

  2. shewta says:

    I am from mumbai. and I love nashik’s Vihar misal.
    Can you tell me recipe of misal? so I can make at home.

  3. Jayvant Bagul says:

    1. Soham Misal , Mhasrul.
    Link Road of
    Dindori Road , Peth Road

    2. Zakas
    RTO- Rasbihari Link Road, near audumbar wans

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