Healthy Food

Without Health, life is not life. It is only a state of languor and suffering.
For ensuring cool mind and body in Summer, apart from drinking lots of water we should eat healthy but light food which can easily digestible. Mostly avoid pizza, burger etc.
Providing nutrition is also important in Summer season. For that purpose we need to regularly eat vegetables containing higher water level like onions, tomatoes and cucumbers.

For non vegetarian people, there are many delicacies available as a substitute for fried red meat ,chicken and grilled fish which produces high amounts of fatty acids which helps in regulation of blood pressure also immune responses and liver function.

Now there are some items which are helpful in Summer :
1. Juices:
For replenishing your body with fluids, drink fresh Fruit Juices which include lemonade.

2. Mango:
Fresh unripe Mangoes are very good with some cumin seeds in it. Its tasty as well as healthy.

3. Corn :
You can eat Corn in any form like roasted, boiled etc. Because it will provide Vitamin B to your body as well as it lower your cholesterol level.

4. Curd and Yogurt:
Usually we prefer Ice Cream in Summer but the best alternative for that is Curd and Yogurt which provide nutrients, vitamins and calcium for our body and also prevent our skin from allergies.

5. Butter milk:
Most people have dehydration problem during summer. A glass of Butter Milk avoid this problem.

6. Apricot:
Its really good for body if you take it before or after workout. It provide vitamin C, iron, fiber to body.

7. Watermelon:
Watermelon contains high extends of water and also provide Vitamin A to body. It contains low calories and fats so are very healthy for body.

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