Ah! Garam chai during winters. Best places for tea in Nashik.

Winter has started…day cannot be started without Garam Chai(Tea). Cold day will keep reminding you the cup of tea always these days.

Every morning almost every stall becomes a gathering place for the citizens to enjoy this morning dose. Some are in rush to sip it down and some has ample amount of time to discuss the world updates with every sip. There is no comparison for joy while chatting with friends having cup of tea in hand. It’s just awesome moment. Tasty Chai is icing on the cake.

There are stalls which are the oldest running from years and there are new generation running this as a business with big branding of their shops.

Newly branded Chai stalls delighting customers with their menu card for the different preparations of special Chaai. Cool concept…no?? After all who wouldn’t love a specially added mix of cinnamon, cloves, green cardamom and black pepper in their Chai? It’s a treat for the Chai lovers and their interior also adds a spice to it.


In Nashik, there are few Chai stalls for which people spending double the cost of one cup of Chai, on travelling to have their dose of energy and goodness.

Well if you’re wandering around in Nashik looking out for some refreshing Chai, late evening on a cold day, you will see plenty of tea stalls. Nashik hosts some of the best Missal and kickass Chai stalls almost every corner of the street. Yes, this article is not complete without listing the famous Chai walaas/Tea stalls in Nashik. It’s your turn now!!!

Mention your favorite tea spot to hangout below in comments and we will feature them. Come on guys…let the world know your Chaaiwala 🙂

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