Nashik Street food – Slurp, bite, gulp.

Nashik – City for foodie people. Nashik offers an impressive variety in food from different states includes north, south, Marathi every Indian Cuisines. Basically here mainly cuisines are Maharashtrian with Gujarati and Rajasthani flavor.

Currently street food is very significant party of the town’s food culture. Now a days Nashik lives for street foods. Street food in Nashik has a distinctly different flavor from that of the street food in other parts of the country. Versions of mouthwatering street foods are available all around the city and everyone has their own favorite destinations.

So if your mouth has started watering already, just hold on your taste buds and come with us. We intend to take you on a delicious street food journey in Nashik.

  • 01-missal

    Misal pav

  • 02-vada-pav

    Vada pav

  • 03-Sabudana-wada

    Sabudana vada

  • 04-Biryani


  • 05-rolls


  • 06-momos


  • 07-Shawarma


  • 08-Shaukin-bhel

    Shaukin bhel

  • 09-Vijus-dabeli

    Viju’s dabeli

  • 13-samarth-juice

    Samarth Juice

  • 10-sanap-Bhel-bhatta

    Bhel bhatta

  • 11-Paneer-patis

    Paneer patis – CC

  • 12-Akbar-soda

    Akbar soda

  • 14-saleem-chai

    Salim chaii