Twisty Tasty || Quick Food For Every Mood

Do u define you as a Foodie like me?

Basically, I just love to taste different types of food and like to try different food hubs with my gang. One day I completed with all stuff and then was damn starving “I could eat a horse!” when roaming near Mahatma Nagar getting bored by regular food hubs, my eyes have stopped searching. Yes, there itself !! found the very interesting name “Twisty Tasty”. My gang immediately decided for foodie meet-up and I couldn’t not refuse. ????

We entered into a superbly lit place with an amazing interior. Tables and chairs were perfectly laid out and smiling staff welcomes us. Menu highlighted in the digital display. Just perfect ambiance.

They have a mixture of Burger, Snacks, Nachos, waffles, etc etc…. Oh my god so many delicacies and trust me none of them disappoint you.
We tried almost every section, some are literally great try with the new combo like Pizza Pani- Puri, Made in India burger on and on.. Thought one day and one time is not at all enough to try all those but will surely taste each ????
You may have many questions in mind while reading my experience like where it is? What else are they providing? Etc etc

I met the owner who have created this wonderful food junction which will surely satisfy hunger of many…
Mrs. Jayashree Patil who have started Twisty Tasty on 7th Jan 2017 near Mahatma Nagar. She is the owner of Creamist Ice Cream Parlor too. She herself is a food lover so she tried to satisfy her audience by tasty delicious food.
Twisty tasty also offers you their services for functions like small social meet, casual conferences, birthday parties, etc.

Overall nice experience and tasty food with TwistyTasty.
You know we can get you best discount offers from TwistyTasty, so just comment below with your contact number n email and you will get the discount.

Nashikkar, let’s have a new taste of TwistyTasty food and satisfy your taste bud.

Twisty Tasty
Shop no 1, shivshakti apartment,
Samarth nagar,
Mahatma nagar road
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