Kaya Skin Clinic

Girl with easy, effort free glow, girl for whom crowd feels that she can pass by, for the girl doors are always opened, that girl is the one who is most beautiful. Want to know who is she??? she could be you.
Secret of this is Kaya Skin clinic.

Beauty includes your beautiful skin, your strong shinning hair, etc. How about if will get this at one place?? Kaya clinic is the solution for this. The best destination for skin is nothing but Kaya.

“Kaya is where nature meets science”.

Natural freshness of fruits with some mild creams make your skin as beautiful as you want it to be. Kaya is NABH-certified , in simple terms its having 5 stars in skin service industry.
Kaya is having 100 clinic in all over India with huge customer response and trust on them. They are having vast variety of therapies. Also they provide solution to our every problem regarding skin, hair, how to beautify yourself.
Kaya first examine your skin then your age whether you are young or old, also you are man or woman and then provide you appropriate treatment.
Everyone want to look perfect. Kaya help to convert your skin from dull, tanned to flawless glowing skin. The level of their service, their treatment s are increasing day by day. They provide such services for years.
Kaya provides special care for the grooms, brides,family and friends too.

From that, bride care consist of
1. 30 days wedding rituals
2. 60 days wedding rituals
3. Wedding rituals
4. 15 days wedding rituals
5. Bridal glow
6. Bridal gold
They provide the therapies from 30 days, 60 days, 15 days before so that you look perfect till your wedding day.

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Kaya Skin Clinic in Nashik :

Shop No.1, Ground Floor,
Anand Rupa Apts,
Parijat Nagar,
Mahatma Nagar Road,
Mahatma Nagar,
Nashik – 422007

Kaya prepare Royal bride for your royal wedding.

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